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31700 W 13 Mile RD Suite 210
Farmington Hills, MI 48334 USA

AMAEYAA augments staff with highly qualified consultants

Our consultants are highly experienced with latest technologies in various domains. Their professionalism and expertise have added value to the projects. We have a proven track record of recruiting the best talent for our Clients at competitive prices and we also understand the sense of urgency that is required to hire the right Consultant in a timely manner to meet Client’s technical and non-technical requirements.

Our commitment and dedication is the key to recruiting qualified IT professionals who help run the IT organizations of our Clients. Our attention to quality, our focus on helping our Clients manage technology and IT costs, is what sets us apart from others. AMAEYAA understands that building and sustaining a strong Project Team is a major factor in the success of any engagement. 

AMAEYAA has improved the productivity of IT function by eliminating the administrative burden that interferes with operations. Our Customer support team of Recruiter(s), Resource Manager(s) and Account Manager(s), have freed up to 40% of Customers’ time in all Industry domains that otherwise is associated with Employee Orientation, Motivation, Administration, Training, Benefits, Vacation and Time Off, and Recruiting.

AMAEYAA has perfected finding the right person for the job and we have Experienced Recruiting Personnel to find the right person for specific IT needs. We presented several well-qualified candidates resumes with in “1-2 Working Days” of request by clients.